..little by little, a little becomes a LOT!            

Give us a helping hand and together we can BUILD a beautiful world and bring JOY to people and ourselves by GIVING

When you give without expectations (it’s not easy but certainly doable), Nature will bless you without reservations. When you don’t hold back, it won’t hold back either. Besides, that’s one thing to learn from nature, that is, to give with a certain detachment and equanimity. See how it’s quietly going about giving. Perhaps, that’s the secret of its eternity. Just observe a waterfall or a river. It is giving indiscriminately, constantly. For, just remember that a spiritual relationship is never between a giver and the receiver. Instead, it is between the giver and his soul. If your relationship with yourself is true and meaningful, all else in life becomes secondary pretty quickly.

Charity offered with gratitude is a spiritual act whereas charity with expectations is merely a trade.

-- Thoughts of wisdom from Om Swami